Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fancy food

The fancypants dinner I had for work on Monday was incredible. We went to Marque Restaurant in Surry Hills. I knew that a French restaurant that caters properly to vegetarians must be good. I was on a group tour of Europe in 1998 and in Paris the vegetarians were fed a few cheese and tomato slices. This was better. Oh boy.

We started with a chaud-froid egg - served in an eggshell with breadsticks. My internet research tells me that's a hot poached egg with cold maple syrup, sherry vinegar, chives and maybe cream. It's meant to combine the flavours of hot, cold, sweet and sour. It was truly awesome.

Further groaning and smiling and pausing of conversations followed through a beetroot tart, potato risotto and the strongest chocolate and espresso mousses in the world. The wine kept flowing and even the petits fours were unique. It was the most amazing food experience I've ever had. I paid for it when I got home, because I guess too much rich food is not good for the tummy, but it was worth it.

The speeches and presents and all that were really nice too. I realised how important it is to feel a kind of happy closure to a job. I was able to thank people and be thanked. The bill was gigantic, so I won't be going back with my own money until I've got another job!