Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I just watched the Turkish version of The Nanny, Dadi, on SBS. The sets are similar, the characters are the same - just renamed - and the storylines are identical. It's worth watching if only to experience how completely bizarre it is.

John Kerry was just on Letterman. He's so unimpressive. Hopefully he'll win anyway. I guess it's much the same with Mark Latham. "Anyone but Bush/Howard."

I want a pile of kittens.

A government investigation has just found that patients at a psychiatric unit in Tamworth were abused and bullied by staff. It's widely accepted that psychiatric care in public hospitals in Australia is of a low standard. A recent episode of Four Corners noted how difficult it is to get any real treatment for depression when you're poor. Perhaps this media exposure of the issue will result in some change, but I'm not optimistic.