Friday, September 17, 2004


I ended up going with non-engravable gifts so that we could all get extremely useful stuff. It's wonderful to wander through shops trying to spend money that isn't yours ... until you're really tired and the shops are all about to close. We didn't find the right things in Peter's or Myer, so we went to David Jones for a completely new shopping experience. Everything was so beautifully laid out and amazingly well lit that it was more like a gallery than a department store. It didn't seem to be more expensive than elsewhere and the staff were wonderful so I'm definitely going there first next time. My mother would be proud.

Since then I've been struggling to sleep. I'll sleep for three hours and then wake up. My body is so tired that I can't do anything useful when I wake up except watch tv. I've been getting lots of Six Feet Under (season three) under my belt. I watched the first two seasons on DVD and downloaded this one. Season four is showing on tv, so I'm taping it as I catch up with what went before.

Six Feet Under is awesome.

Last night I managed to get a bit more sleep, so hopefully this strange superawakeness thing is wearing off.