Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I'm still working a bit at the moment - to tidy everything up as the company winds down. One of my jobs is to organise a fancy farewell dinner for me and some other staff. I don't mind this at all of course, because it means we'll eat somewhere nice.

Still, this isn't enough. The person throwing the dinner (my "pseudo-boss" I guess, due to a complicated series of resignations and role assumptions) wants to present us all with gifts. Different gifts if necessary. Nice, huh? The thing is though, he wants me to organise that too.

I was a bit put out by this at first. But maybe it's actually really cool - being able to spend $100 of company money on something I want. So I'm going shopping at Peter's on Thursday. Peter's has this enormous selection that seems wonderful ... until you realise that it's so big you'll never be able to choose anything. I'm hoping to have more luck by actually visiting the store.

It probably needs to be engravable, so glassware is a good bet. Any ideas?