Saturday, August 13, 2005

Just quickly

I like writing in-depth pieces, but I seem incapable of ever finishing and publishing one, so here are some quick bits to keep things going.

I recently got a proper job in a office, with people and everything. I didn't realise how much I missed it. I'm doing (not cooking) the books for a local community organisation. They're great and so is the job. I hope this isn't just the honeymoon period making me happy.

I've read a fair chunk of the August edition of The Monthly. It's intelligent without being lofty. It's uniquely Australian. It's just wonderful, and you can subscribe before the end of the month for $40 a year (after that it goes up to $60). I have. My only criticism is the free tote bag that came with it. It's really crappy and has their name on the side of it. It's much like the bags you can buy at the supermarket for a dollar, but possibly crappier. Why bother? I probably won't be able to bring myself to throw out such a semi-useful object, so it's going to add to my endless clutter. Argh! Anyway, it's a wonderful publication, and $40 is cheap as chips.

Manne and Suvi are arriving today from Finland for their first visit to Australia. I'm so excited! I'm wearing my favourite t-shirt and everything.

I also wore said t-shirt to see Margaret Cho perform on 25 July. Three friends and I laughed so much we were in pain. Check out some of her stuff here.

Also worth checking out is It's a non-party-political (former Liberal leader John Hewson is on the advisory board, along with trade union and green people) stand against the majority the government has just gained in the Senate, giving them more power than many people would like. I for one would love to see the scary industrial relations reforms held back.

An online form makes it easy to write to all the Senators representing your state at once. Amusingly, Liberal backbencher Andrew Robb said
"There are hundreds of emails arriving in Senator's officers. They're beside themselves, just to clear the screen. They get back to their office from meetings looking for important communications from whoever, and they're confronted with screen after screen of these emails, in some cases over 200 emails. This is highly irresponsible, this is spam, this is spam."
Sure, individuals writing to their elected representatives is spam. Whatever.

It snowed on Wednesday. I get stupidly excited when it snows. This is only the second and probably final snow this year. The Finns will most likely be unimpressed if it happens again while they are staying.

It's now been two weeks and one day since I gave up smoking (yes, I'm counting). Beware of the cranky, but free-breathing Anne.

Zach has finally finished the Love in Action program, and seems to have been taken in by some of it. Sucks.

Thanks go to Daniel for the new banner photo and Nic for the idea.