Sunday, January 23, 2005

Little Johnny's blog

This is so much the outside scoop (I think I read about it in a newspaper), but I'm linking to it anyway, as I know enough of you will not have seen it.

To quote some of the 9 November 2004 post (on a theme I have explored previously):
Speaking about lives being over, abortion is nasty and wrong. 'Cause like, killing is bad and stuff. People are saying we shouldn't be telling chicks what to do, but that's news to me, 'cause I thought the idea of being in Government was that we tell people what they can and can't do. And I reckon they shouldn't be killing. It's un-Australian. In totally unrelated news, the troops in Iraq have now gone full-on hardcore sick on this one city. They're just totally shooting and bombing the crap out of it. I like watching all the explosions and things blowing up on TV. It's like a movie, but real. I love seeing good triumph over evil.
Right on Johnny. There's a lot more good stuff where that came from. Check it out.