Thursday, December 02, 2004

Oxfam online shop

Oxfam sell a lot of excellent stuff online. I've just purchased a stack of Christmas presents. It's like the cool Nifty Gifty. The merchandise is often practical, interesting and attractive. And everything has a story behind it about the community that made it, the (sometimes ancient) techniques they used, and how they're benefiting from the fact that you're buying their stuff. I like to copy that in a nice font and print out a little sheet to go with the present.

Everything is also reasonably priced. So there's totally no excuse not to shop there.

They sell fair trade tea and coffee. If you don't know about how important it is to buy fair trade, read this. I buy East Timorese organic fair trade coffee, which apart from being the most ethical coffee I can imagine also tastes great.

But wait, there's more ... they also sell Australian wine by the dozen. The wine is good, it comes with tasting notes, and the proceeds go to providing clean water to people around the world. I'm currently drinking a glass of Flinders Bay Merlot 2002 while blogging. Delightful.