Friday, December 24, 2004

Mackenzie Crook

Any fans of The Office, take note (any non-fans are either crazy or they haven't seen it yet - hurry up):

Do you recognise this guy?

this one?

or this one?

Not everyone's cup of tea, certainly, but he's not unattractive. However, he plays the least attractive person in the whole world - Gareth Keenan. Ewwww... This is causing me great turmoil.

And then there's this article, which paints him as such a sweety.
"I'm very ... surprised by my ... my, you know, my success," he says, running a hand through his blond hair repeatedly and studying the stripes on his pinstriped leg. "I have to pinch myself sometimes, because I really have had an extraordinary stroke of luck. Everything I've done since can be traced back to The Office in some way." He nods his head, almost smiles and then chooses not to. "I've been ... well, I've been fortunate."
It's so conflicting! I guess that's what character acting is all about - being able to convincingly play a character whose nature is completely different to yours. My hat, if I ever wore one, would go off to you Mackenzie Crook. You're better than a hundred Tom Cruises or Mel Gibsons or Brad Pitts.