Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Silly Mister Abbott...

...always sticking his nose in where it's not wanted.

It started in March when Tony Abbott addressed a group of students at the University of Adelaide about the evils of abortion. Then, a few weeks ago, the ABC showed the amazing documentary My Foetus. In the lead up to that, Abbott suggested that feminists had changed their minds on abortion. Catharine Lumby explains here how little Mr Abbott understands about feminism. "Pro choice" is not actually a euphemistic label. Women who call themselves pro choice are not necessarily pro abortion. Many could not face having an abortion themselves.

As usual, a politician trying to over-simplify a complex issue to win votes.

Tonight on SBS that crazy Robert Winston and his moustache will be chatting to a group about how IVF is used to screen for genetic disorders and also to select the gender of the child. More detailed story here. In NSW it's legal to screen IVF embryos for gender. Abbott says, "I certainly think the New South Wales Government ought to reconsider its position. I don't believe the community standards of New South Wales, or Australia for that matter, would encourage this kind of practice." He doesn't think that abortion should be illegal, despite having strong views about it. So why should this much earlier screening, before the embryo is even implanted in the mother's womb, be outlawed in NSW? Am I missing something here?